Happy Hour: Cohoes-Waterford Elks Hosts Free Takeout Dinner for Vets

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It's Veterans Day. Thank you to all our vets so much for all you've done. And, in honor of Veterans Day, the Cohoes-Waterford Elks showed their appreciation for those who served, with a free takeout dinner this week. The Elks hosted a Veterans Appreciation Dinner in their parking lot. They prepared and handed out free dinners to 70 vets. Regina Hogan says honoring veterans is in the Elks' DNA.

Each veteran also received a patriotic pin as a gift along with their dinner.

A one-year old golden named Ping was left with a friend while her owner had her house renovated. The friend lives more than an hour drive away and after a couple of months of staying with the friend... Ping ran away.

Two weeks later, ping was found outside an office... Near her home. She had walked 62 miles all the way home to find her owners. She was reunited with her family and they say Ping will never leave their side again.

Finally, a family in Atlanta took to Facebook to share a sweet act of kindness shown to them by their neighborhood. A family of five was unable to take part in Halloween celebrations this year, because of the three kids is being treated for leukemia. It wasn't safe for any of them to take part in trick or treating, so the family posted a sign in their yard that said "Sorry, no candy. Child with cancer. See you next year".

So instead of ringing their bell for candy... Trick or treaters left some of their own candy underneath the sign so the kids could have at least a little taste of Halloween.

The mom posted a photo of the sign and the pile of treats on Facebook, and said "If anyone thought there was no hope in our kids and teens- you are wrong. On the best candy night of the year, they shared generously with strangers and showed love and kindness."