Stupid Criminals: Woman Attempting to Dine and Ditch Falls Through Ceiling

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We start this week in Michigan with a guy who managed to escape police during a high speed chase... and then got caught in the most ridiculous way.

There's no word on why they were chasing him in the first place, but he headed into a crowded area and police called off the chase for safety reasons.

Instead of going home, or to someone else's house, he crashed into a fence, then got out of his car and went to a nearby McDonald's, where he *fell asleep*. Police found him the next morning.

In China, a guy was high on meth and decided to do some good deeds. He opened the window to his apartment on the 30th floor and started throwing money down to the people on the sidewalk below who were commuting to work. Well, that led to mass chaos, as cars were stopping and people were running through the streets trying to collect the money.

The were finally able to identify where it was coming from, and arrested the guy on drug charges... All for making it rain....

And finally, in Canada, a woman tried to dine and dash from a restaurant. She had a meal and tried to leave. But instead of just walking out of the restaurant, she went into the bathroom and tried to escape buy climbing into the ceiling vents.

Well, the manager figured out what the woman was up to and called police. So they were in the kitchen and could hear her in the vents, trying to make her way out... when she came crashing down through the ceiling, into the kitchen - right in front of the officers. And she came down hard, too... But incredibly she was not hurt.