Stone-Throwing Poltergeist Plagues Family in Bhutan

A family in Bhutan say that their lives have been torn asunder thanks to a mysterious spirit that keeps pelting the roof of their home with stones. The strange haunting reportedly began last month when Bhagilal Ghalley and his grandson Sunil were staying in a small hut where they were watching over cattle. In the middle of the night, they noticed that rocks began raining down upon the roof and the commotion continued until morning.

The following day, Sunil and his father Sabir returned to the hut and the roof was once again inexplicably pelted with stones. They subsequently fled the scene, but, as they departed, they were also struck by the puzzling flying rocks. "Something was chasing us," Sabir recalled, "it followed us all the way." Over the course of the next few days, the proverbial rainfall of rocks continued night after night wherever the family was staying until they could no longer stand the situation and enlisted a shaman to help them.

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