Happy Hour: Hudson Falls Barber Gives Back to School Haircuts

We know it's been a rough few weeks, but in Kenosha, Wisconsin, it's not all all violence and protesting. A farmer decided to plant something different this year and there are now more than two million sunflowers smiling from his farm.  

He says he usually plants strawberries, but this year, he and his wife wanted to make their customers happy and give them something safe and socially distant to do, so they are allowing people to come to the farm, and cut their own sunflowers.

A Loudonville man took a trip up to Lake George with his girlfriend’s family. While up there, Nick Cicchinelli’s wallet fell out of his pocket and he could not find it.

A New Jersey woman found the wallet and mailed it back to Nick with a letter attached in an unexpected act of kindness.

Nick and his family tell Spectrum News that they reached out to Krista on Facebook and that she will be added to their Christmas Card list.

It’s back to school time and a yearly tradition continues in Hudson Falls. On Monday, Nathan Ross, the owner of Nate’s Barber Shop gave away fresh haircuts for kids ready to begin the new year. Ross tells NEWS 10 ABC he’s proud to help in any way he can.

Lower Adirondack Visionary Associates joined the cause. The non-profit group gathers and distributes supplies for families in need. It was a fun day with food and music provided.

Photo: Getty Images