An Open Letter to WGY's Chuck Custer

Photo: WGY

Photo: WGY

Dear Chuck,

Since the most popular posts on our blog have often been our "Open Letters" it seems only fitting to have our last ever post on the Chuck & Kelly blog to be an open letter to you.

You made it. Your last day as a radio host, a news guy, a comedian and a colleague to all of us at WGY. You can take yourself out of the radio business, but after 40+ years, you will never been able to take it out of you. It's woven into the fabric of your being. You are one of the fortunate few who have made it an entire career without ever being shown the door, either by fault or by fate.

We have often said that the best of Chuck & Kelly happens when the microphones are closed. And really, that's a good thing because we would have been fined or fired years ago if half of what we said went over the air! We have been lucky enough to work side by side for over a decade and not kill each other. For two people with our personalities, to be able to work in such close proximity day in and day out, and exchange emails and texts at all hours of the day and night…this is no small feat. 

While we have often talked about how well we get along, and how we have just clicked from day one, what many people don't know, is that we always have each other's backs. You have been my biggest cheerleader and supporter from the very beginning, when I started here with a toddler and a first grader at home, with no radio experience and my main qualifying skill was my willingness to say anything. Over the past decade, you have stood up for me to vicious internet trolls, gone to bat for me when my mouth has gotten me in trouble, and been a sounding board for my struggles with difficult people and challenging situations. 

In return, I was glad to be able to return the favor and be there for you through relatively significant health issues. It was a scary few months there, and I'm glad you're back to yourself again.

We have both cried on the air during radiothons and minithons, and texted each other inappropriate jokes during endless Presidential debates and State of the Union addresses. We have grieved the loss of beloved pets, and the deaths of our fathers just days apart. We have shared the joys of new puppies, milestone birthdays, and the excitement over the birth of your first grandbaby.

And now, it's time to sign off for the last time. My toddler is now taking Algebra and playing modified sports. My first grader is now driving and looking at colleges. Those random gray hairs that I used to conceal with a sharpie now require a full box of hair color. You and Linda are now both retired and putting your house on the market (with a gorgeous updated kitchen from KAB!). Life is changing quickly. While I'm glad you're putting a bow on your long radio career at an age where you are able to take full advantage of everything life has to offer, one thing is certain. I am going to miss you terribly.

So enjoy staying up late watching the Patriots lose. Sleep in and wake up after the sunrise on your internal clock, not your iPhone alarm. Stop dreading Monday mornings, and overnight snowstorms. Go ahead and savor that extra glass of wine with dinner during the week, or a beer during an evening baseball playoff game. Turn off the TV the next time there's a political debate. You are now writing your own story, on your own time.

Thank you for the last 10 years. -Kelly