Stupid Criminals: Man With Sharpie Mustache Arrested For Stealing

We start this week in Florida with a guy who stole a friend's wallet and cell phone. But it's not the crime that's noteworthy, it's the mugshot. He has a mustache, drawn in, with sharpie with curls at the ends. It looks like one of those pranks your friends play on you when you're passed out drunk.

And you have to wonder if somehow that's the backstory behind the stolen wallet and phone. The report doesn't say, but it does say he had meth on him, and the same friend had stolen from him​ in the past. Sounds like a fun pair. 

Here's another mug shot you have to see. On new year's eve, police arrested a werewolf. Well, technically, it was a guy in a Halloween mask, riding around on his motorcycle and growling at people to scare them. He had on the mask, and his regular street clothes so it was more like teen wolf. People called police and they arrested him. They still aren't sure why he was doing it, but they took his picture in the werewolf mask​.

There was some instant justice in Canada. A guy was trying to steal packages off of porches. When the homeowner came to the front door and caught him. The guy grabbed the package, and tried to speed off in his Toyota Yaris. He threw it in reverse, and backed right into a snowbank. Where he got good and stuck. The cops came and surrounded the car. And the whole thing was caught on video which you can see here.