Doug's Blog: Three Questions For Governor Cuomo on Those Allegations

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So Governor Cuomo on Wednesday announced that he would no longer address the sexual harassment/assault allegations swirling around him while there are pending “reviews”. I put ‘reviews’ in quotes because everybody else in New York refers to them as ‘investigations’, but not the Gov. In either case, since he is now not answering questions about them, let me point out my top 3 questions that have yet to be addressed:

  • Did a female aide come to the Governor’s Mansion in late December to help you with your phone?

(Note that I’m not asking if he groped or assaulted said female aide, I just want to know if she was there.) As a follow-up (not that follow-ups are allowed during press briefings these days) who determined which aide would be summoned? What are the protocols for such a request?

  • Do you believe that Ron Kim is/was involved in a pay-to-play scheme, and if so, why are you not calling for an investigation into Senator Kim?

The governor made this allegation on live television. If he believes it, I would think he, as a former Attorney General, would want Ron Kim punished. If he doesn’t believe it, then shouldn’t a public official who makes such a reckless allegation be punished? After all, he now says he only wants to speak about facts; well, what are “the facts’ surrounding the Ron Kim claim?

  • Did you know about your staff asking employees (and former employees) to smear/discredit Lindsey Boylan? 

If he knew about it, how does that jibe with “every woman should be heard?” If he didn’t know what his staff was doing, then will he be holding anyone on his staff accountable for such an egregious breach of ethics? 

             Bonus question: POTUS Biden said that if the AG’s report validates these women’s claims, then he thinks you Governor Cuomo should resign. You said Wednesday that POTUS Biden and you share similar philosophies on the current investigations. So, let me ask you Gov., if the AG report validates these women and their claims, will you resign?