Doug's Blog: Cuomo Seems to be ‘Taken’ with Himself

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“What I do have are a particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a long career.”

-Liam Neeson in ‘Taken’

“I have experience and a skill set that qualifies me as a good governor.”

-Andrew Cuomo in his book’s first draft

And there it is. Andrew Cuomo thinks he is the Liam Neeson of Governors. We know this because later in his book’s first draft he wrote, “I have accomplished by any objective standard more than any governor in modern history.” (Thankfully somesaneperson edited that passage out of the final draft of the book.) Here’s the thing, we all know Cuomo spews a lot of nonsense, and much of the time he knows he’s spewing nonsense. But the Gov likes to hear himself talk, and he subscribes to the theory that the more he talks, the more impressive he is (the lesson of The Gettysburg Address has been wasted on our Governor unfortunately), so he often knowingly spews nonsense. In this case however, I am 100% sure that the Gov believes every single word he wrote in that first draft with every fiber of his being. Even now he believes this. With all the scandals, fudged numbers, blanket-draped walks around the mansion… he still thinks he has a “skill set,” and that he is the best “governor in modern history”. As I keep reading what the Gov wrote, a Liam Neeson movie does come to mind, but it’s not ‘Taken.’ It’s the cartoon movie where Neeson is the voice of the raccoon leader of the park animals. That movie’s title… The Nut Job.