Doug on Cuomo: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

“Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays…”

So asked The Boomtown Rats in the 80s. Well, here’s another reason why you shouldn’t like Mondays, because apparently Governor Cuomo LOVES Mondays. How do I know that? Because every time he lifts/rescinds one of his stupid COVID restrictions, he always makes them effective starting on a Monday. 

Consider this week:

1.He lifted the idiotic ‘Dance Zones’ mandate for weddings and social gatherings. Now people can dance outside the marked circle (how stupid was that idea btw?) starting MONDAY May 3rd. He could have made that effective immediately, thereby allowing this weekend’s slate of weddings to not have to follow that stupid guidance, but nope, effective Monday.

2.He lifted the restaurant curfew for outdoor dining effective May 17th. May 17th happens to be a MONDAY. Had he made it effective May 14th, struggling restaurants could have gotten a boost from staying open later that weekend. But nope, that would make too much sense, so the Gov punishes them one more time.

3.He lifted the restaurant curfew for indoor dining effective May 31st. Care to guess what day of the week May 31st is? Yup, a MONDAY. Yeah, restaurants must be thrilled that the curfew will be lifted immediately AFTER Memorial Day weekend. 

Does anybody think that if he lifted all of these three days sooner, that he’d be putting people at risk? Of course not. Does anybody think that Monday is better for businesses involved than the previous Friday? Of course not. Does anybody think there is any “science” being used to determine these dates? Of course not. 

It’s simply Cuomo being Cuomo which, as usual, makes no sense.