DOUG: Why Do You Dislike Cuomo? Here’s 5.1 Million Reasons…

Photo: Getty Images

So we now know that Governor Cuomo got FIVE POINT ONE MILLION DOLLARS for his book about dealing with coronavirus. 

Yup, his staff “volunteered” to work on the book, and Cuomo took home $5.1 million. Let’s leave the ethics and the optics of cashing in so big out of this for a second. Let’s focus on why you should now be ripped at the Governor. 

The CDC announced on Thursday that if you are vaccinated, you can lose your mask. Indoors, outdoors, no mask. So what did Andrew “we follow the science” Cuomo do with that information? He could have immediately said “we are with the CDC, you are good to go,” as has been his wont all throughout the pandemic. But no, the Governor had another idea in mind. “Why not wait until Monday to get on board with the CDC,” he immediately decided. That way, he could make a “big” announcement about it AND that announcement would come on the day he’d promised to release his taxes, which would reveal what he made on the book. And so that’s what he did.

Here’s why that is so AWFUL and speaks to what kind of human being he is. New York found out quickly Friday that everybody that had been vaccinated thought they could go into a restaurant or small business without a mask, and they wanted to. Those small businesses had to stop people and explain that Cuomo had yet to lift the restriction even though the CDC had, and thus people needed to mask up. That led to all sorts of chaos, confusion, and trouble. Some hosts / greeters were said to be CRYING because of how aggressively (and how often) people were arguing with them about masks. It was ugly, from Buffalo to Troy and everywhere in between. And all of that could have (and should have) been avoided if Cuomo had just signed off on the CDC on Thursday or Friday. 

Instead, he put his own self-interest (“I can take some of the sting of the book $$ away by lifting the mandate AFTER the weekend”) above those of small businesses, and it cause unnecessary stress and aggravation for lots of people. But hey, the Gov got $5.1 million, and he got to announce it on his terms. Our troubles are a small enough price to pay for that apparently. 

And if you don’t like it, well that’s just tough, NY Tough as Cuomo would say. It was all so wrong, and yet all so Cuomo. -Doug