DOUG: There’s “Getting Lucky” & Then There's “Getting REALLY Lucky”

Residential Building In Miami Partially Collapsed

Photo: Getty Images North America

In almost every disaster there are those stories of people who were supposed to be there but weren’t, for whatever reason.  

For example, on 9/11 a flight attendant called in sick that morning just because – sure enough she had been scheduled to work on Flight 11. 

Then there was Waylon Jennings, who gave up his seat to Buddy Holly on the plane “The Day the Music Died”. And there’s the famous Bo Belinsky (LA Dodgers pitcher in the 60s) story: Belinsky once skipped out on bed check, and when he came back to the hotel in the wee hours the next morning he discovered there had been a fire there that night. As he later said, “you know you’re going good when you beat bed check and the hotel burns down!”

Now we can add to that list the name of Erick de Moura. He owned a condo on the 10th floor of the building that collapsed last week in Florida. In fact, that night he prepared a Brazilian dinner in that condo and then brought it over to his girlfriend’s, fully intending to return later that night. But after dinner, he went to retrieve a soccer ball that had fallen into a canal behind his girlfriend’s house, and his clothes got wet. He decided to head home, but on his way out the door his girlfriend grabbed his hand and said, “why don’t you stay here tonight?” (The old “soccer ball in the canal” trick, wouldn’t have thought that would work…) Few would refuse that offer, and he wasn’t one of the few. So he stayed, and he got lucky that night…REAL LUCKY. His condo is now gone, but he is very much still here. 

As we said, lucky. -Doug

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