Democrat Albany DA Soares Puts Cuomo on Blast Over Bail Reform in NY Post

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Albany County District Attorney David Soares isn't holding back in his criticism of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state's bail reform measures. Interesting, because Soares backed Cuomo's controversial NYSAFE Act, and seems to support his current gun violence disaster emergency declaration. However, they part company when it comes to the root cause of the increase in violence.

Soares blames bail reform, which allows criminals to commit crimes, get arrested, released and free to commit more crimes. The Governor's flacks say the stats aren't there and accused Soares of stealing Trump talking points. When you have no counterargument, the standard left response is just "blame Trump". However, the numbers ARE there to support Soares' position. Just ask Colonie Police, who have arrested Khalil Hankins 17 times just this year for theft, assault and larceny. Or maybe call Troy Police and ask them about Scott Nolan. Nolan got himself arrested three times in ONE DAY in their city, including assault and possession of a weapon. Or Christopher Seamans, who robbed a bank for the third time, got arrested and just walked right back out the door.

These are just a few examples of what law enforcement sees daily. They aren't "Trump talking points", they are cold, hard facts that even reasonable Democrats are starting to see. -Kelly

CLICK HERE to read DA David Soares' opinion piece in the NY post.

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