How Do You Know When Cuomo’s Lying?


Photo: AFP

It’s the old joke, ‘How do you know when a lawyer’s lying? It’s when his lips are moving.’ Ditto Governor Cuomo. But yesterday he took it to a whole new level. While taking a victory lap over the DOJ’s decision not to look into the NY nursing home situation, the Governor said this:

“And I am telling you as I sit here, I have told you the facts on COVID from Day one. Whether they were easy, whether they were hard, I TOLD YOU THE TRUTH.”

He told us the facts on nursing home deaths (an AG report said otherwise), the facts on his COVID book deal (investigations ongoing), the facts on why restaurants and bars had to have a curfew THIS SPRING? 

What I can’t figure is, does the Gov actually believe this while he’s saying it or is he knowingly lying? And, which is worse? Part of me wants to believe he’s such a narcissist that he’s convinced himself that we live in a nonsensical fantasy-land where HE’S a straight-shooter, because that’s better than the alternative. But if you’re not sure which it is, you’ll get another chance to decide… the next time his lips move.

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