Doug Discusses the 'Garbage-Can Gator Guy'

If you haven’t seen this video yet… nevermind, you’ve seen this video. But as you watch it again and marvel at this guy, think about those of us who are lesser men than the Gator wrangler down in FLA. 

As I watch videos like this, I always think to myself, “what would I’ have done in this situation,” and “how would that have worked out?”

Well, here’s what I would have done…

I’d have run inside as fast as I could, and then I’d call 1-800-CATCH-GATORS or whatever local business does that sort of thing. No way in heck am I grabbing any sort of container in the hopes I could catch that beast. Here’s what would have happened if I tried to do what that guy did:

1.Gator rips garbage can out of my hand and flips it across the yard.

2.I immediately start running.

3.I quickly find out that gators can run faster than me.

4.Video freezes right as gator is lunging towards my ankle.

Look, this Florida Man is awesome, and I fully support his being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for what he did. I am also quite comfortable in saying that this New York man will NEVER do what that Florida man did, and I hope to heck than I am never in a situation where I have to prove that to you. 

If I am, I can answer you I will need a new pair of boxers when it’s over (and probably a new leg too). 

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