Ex-Hotel Worker Shares Gross Reasons To Skip Free Breakfast

Rich continental breakfast

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When you’ve worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years like Brandi Augustus, you’ve seen things you can’t unsee. The 36-year-old Tennessee resident has spent her career in hotels, starting out with high-end hotels before moving on to budget-conscious ones. And she recently shared a video on TikTok warning people to steer clear of hotel breakfasts at lower-tier hotels.

“If your hotel serves, like a hot continental breakfast or whatever - eggs, waffles, stuff like that - don’t eat that sh*t,” Brandi says in the more than 2-minute PSA. As a former night auditor, she saw how the breakfast buffets were handled and warns future hotel guests that safety standards at less expensive hotels really aren’t so great.

  • The night auditor who was training her at one hotel told Brandi to only use “one paper towel” all night to clean up everything from spatulas to tables. When she questioned him, he told her it was “environmentally friendly.”
  • “Gloves weren’t used and hands weren’t washed,” she says of the way bread and pastries were handled, adding that they’re “often recycled and picked over for DAYS!”
  • She also suggests avoiding the meat at most places since “sausage isn’t supposed to be gray.”
  • And if you think the waffle station is safe, think again. Brandi shares that waffle makers aren’t always clean and even worse? Staffers reuse leftover batter until it starts to “smell like beer,” she says in the clip.
  • When she brought her concerns up to management? They brushed her off, saying they “passed health checks, so they couldn’t be doing too bad.”

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