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North Greenbush Police Department: Turn in Your Exes For Valentine's Day

Prisoner Holding Chalkboard Standing Against Jail Height Chart

Photo: Getty Images

The North Greenbush Police Department had an interesting message for Valentine's Day: Turn in your exes with warrants! They posted the message on their Facebook page where it read:

"Celebrate Valentine's Day burning your ex by turning them in on those active warrants."

The post then goes on to say:

"We don't advocate revenge but we consider this to be more like justice. Contact our station with any tips. We guarantee it will make your Valentine's Day just a little more special. Give your current partner the gift of knowing your ex was locked up tonight."

The post does though, show a little love to our bad boys (and gals):

"On the flip side, if you're a wanted person, we would recommend stopping by CVS today and grabbing a card and some chocolates. Flowers are a nice touch, also. Maybe consider making a nice dinner (PB&J sandwiches are not "nice" so put some actual effort into it). Whatever it takes to stop your loved one from dropping you and taking our advice tonight!"

In the world of naming cockroaches after scorned lovers, this takes it up a notch and I am so here for it!

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