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Giant Inflatable Ducks Make Mysterious Return to Maine Harbor

Close-Up Of Yellow Rubber Duck Over Blue Background

Photo: Yutthana Teerakarunkar / EyeEm / EyeEm / Getty Images

Guess what's making waves and stealing the spotlight at Belfast Harbor in Maine? That's right, those giant inflatable ducks are back and they're causing a triple dose of excitement this time around!

You may remember few summers back in 2021, a colossal yellow rubber ducky toy strutted into the harbor, with "Joy" written proudly across its chest.

Fast forward to the following year, and a second duck appeared along side "Joy" with "Greater Joy," across it's stomach.

And now, drumroll please, because the quacktastic trio is complete! "Joy" and "Greater Joy" are back in the spotlight, and they've brought a mega-sized friend along for the ride. Say hello to "Greatest Joy," the newest addition that's turning heads and taking the inflatables game to the next level.

But hey, let's talk mystery. No one knows who's behind these duck displays that pop up like clockwork every summer. It's like a secret party planner has taken on the role of making our waterfront a lot more vibrant. The answer remains as elusive as ever. The Belfast Harbor officials might be scratching their heads, but they're definitely not worried. They're all in for this one-of-a-kind duck show, and you know what they say – if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

So, there you have it, folks. As summer rolls in and the harbor becomes a duck-filled wonderland, remember to keep your eyes peeled for these giant inflatables that have the whole town talking. Who needs regular ol' rubber ducks when you've got these larger-than-life, joy-bringing quackers stealing the spotlight? It's a must-see sight that adds a splash of fun to the Maine waterfront, and we're all in for the duck-filled adventure!

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