TRUMP IS A HAND GRENADE and Adam Schiff is the Grand Inquisitor of Impea...


< br />Republicans have made their testimony requests for the public impeachment hearings. But Adam Schiff has veto power and is running the inquiry like Torquemada of the Grand Inquisition! He has already called any focus on the 2016 election or Joe and Hunter Biden a "sham investigation." And we probably won't hear House testimonies from Nellie Ohr (the wife of Bruce Ohr) or Alexandra Chalupa either. But if these are conspiracy theories, trust the American people and prove them wrong in court! But there's plenty of proof and even a memo from George Soros himself laying out his plan to the State Department! This is NOT a Trojan Horse, and even Democrats will be appalled to see what's ACTUALLY happening. We must take the fight to the Senate where it will all come out, including what's being done TODAY in South America and across the world with our tax dollars!

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

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