Could China blackmail a President Joe Biden?

< br />Glenn's chief researcher, Jason Buttrill, recaps the details on Hunter and Joe Biden you may have missed this weekend — and, there wasn't a lot of new material. Aside from a few, new text messages and emails from "disgruntled" employees of the Biden family, the smoking gun we REALLY need is still out there. Jason says the key is finding enough evidence to charge Hunter and Joe Biden with money laundering — something former business partner John Galanis DOES say the father-son duo participated in. So, there may not be enough evidence yet, but THIS should — hopefully — scare all voters: Jason says Joe Biden, if elected, could be a "compromised" president. If China knows Biden was aware of the salacious material now leaking from Hunter's laptop, they could use that information to blackmail not only our American leader but the most powerful politician in the world.