Maybe poetry should have been his chosen career?

A poet in the studio?

Photo: Joe G

Inflation, Inflation, go away,

Don’t come back some other day,

Getting tired of the over-pay,

Inflation, Inflation, go away,

Inflation, inflation, you are a fink,

I want you to know that you really do stink,

Groceries, gas, everything,

At the cashier, it really does sting,

Money does not grow on trees,

So, inflation, do us a favor,

And, hit the road, please,

So, all I really have left to say,

will someone invent a spray,

to make this lousy inflation finally go away.

G-Dawg (also known as Joe from the One Hour Joe Show, Weekend mornings from 9 - 10 a.m.

p.s. a note from Marge: Not sure poetry would be a good career for Joe either.

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