Zach Harris | Weekend Producer

Zach is the weekend producer for the Joe Gallagher show and he always takes great pride in his work and try's his best to go above and beyond what the job asks of him. Zach is a sports junkie, his goal in life is to one day host his own radio show. He is a HUGE Mets Knicks and Eagles fan and hopes that in his lifetime (hopefully soon) the Eagles win their first Super Bowl so he doesn't have to hear any more of the "zero rings" joke anymore. He enjoys the NFL NBA MLB and College basketball and football the most, but enjoys all sports and the grind it takes to play the sport.

When Zach isn't living breathing or talking sports he's hanging with friends and family and going on adventures. He's learned the key to a happy life is not to take things too serious and he always cracks jokes and enjoys making people laugh and smile.


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