White Activist Tries To Take Over Meeting By Black Buttigieg Supporters

A white man in a Black Lives Matter shirt ripped a microphone from a speaker at an event to promote Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s relationships with the black community in South Bend, Indiana.

City Council member & Buttigieg supporter Sharon McBride was speaking when a man began heckling her, shouting “where are the black leaders that don’t have three-piece suits, leather jackets … ? Who chose these people as black leaders?”

An elderly woman rose up and nearly hit the man in the head with a cane.

The man then snatched the mic and chanted “This is a farce!"

From Buzzfeed:

Afterward, McBride told BuzzFeed News the confrontation was “disheartening” and “disrespectful.” She said she hadn’t realized the man was wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.
“You respect people’s opinions, and we respect theirs,” she said.
Several Buttigieg campaign aides reacted on Twitter, suggesting that the protester was loyal to another presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.
“This is what Black folks who support Pete experience all the time on Twitter,” Buttigieg’s traveling press secretary, Nina Smith, tweeted. “White men, grabbing the mic, insulting us, calling us ‘uppity’ ‘purchased’ and ‘tokens’ all in support of certain white male candidates. Careful YOUR racism is showing.”

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