L.A. City Council Voting To Demand MLB Award Dodgers Worlds Series Trophies

it's not like L.A. has any pressing problems like 3rd world-like conditions in parts of the city.

Or medieval diseases like typhoid fever, typhus & tuberculosis borne by both flea and feces in the city.

What really matter to city council is the Dodgers 2017 & 2018 World Series trophies.

Councilman Gil Cedillo says their resolutions demanding MLB awards the Dodgers their trophies is an issues of “equity and justice”.

He adds, “I am focused right now on the Dodgers and the Dodgers fans getting justice. The mere acknowledgment is so significant. There has to be an acknowledgment the best team in baseball those two years was the Dodgers.”

Maybe he should focus on cleaning up his city.

Cedillo said the Dodgers, and the people of Los Angeles, were robbed of what they deserved.

MLB has said they will not strip the Astros of their title.

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