VIDEO: Bolivian Lawmakers Throw Down On Parliament Floor

Far more entertaining than the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul fight. These lawmakers get after it, one even manages to throw a kick targeting the groin area.

The scrap reportedly broke out during a debate between members of the country’s ruling socialist party, Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), and the opposition Comunidad Ciudadana and Creemos party.

Even two women got into it, complete with the obligatory hair pulling.

The Telegraph reports that fight happened during a debate on recent arrests of former officials of the previous interim government of Jeannine Áñez. 

They reports:

“...while some speakers say Áñez's administration was a legal transitional government after election fraud, others say it was a coup to overthrow former president Evo Morales. After Morales' party took power back through an election in 2020, Áñez was arrested under charges linked to ousting Morales. Áñez assumed the presidency following Morales' resignation and exile.”