83-Year-Old Voter Shames Drive-Bys Into Asking Biden About His Son

RUSH: What's happened is interesting. That voter confronting Biden about his kid's unfair, screwball deal with Ukraine has shamed other media into asking Biden about it. It happened today on Telemundo.

In fact, since I just talked about it, let's go ahead and play these. Sound bites 26 and 27. The Drive-Bys have been shown up by that 83-year-old voter in Iowa. Nobody's been asking Biden about his kid. Nobody's been asking about the screwball deal. Nobody's been asking about the fact that Biden admitted to getting a prosecutor fired and withholding aid to Ukraine. The Drive-Bys have not been asking about it.

So a voter stands up and says it, and Biden wilts and crumbles. (impression) "You're a damn liar, Man! Let's do some push-ups! You're fat. Let's do some push-ups. I'll bet your hair on your legs doesn't turn blond like mine does, you pig," and this guy was undaunted. So on Telemundo today the anchor is Jose Diaz-Balart interviewing Biden on the No Malarkey Tour. By the way, what is that, the No Malarkey Tour? Here is Jose Diaz-Balart asking Biden about his son, Hunter.

BALART: Your son did make a lot of money. There are some reports 50 to $80,000 a month in a Ukrainian company while you were vice president. Also had dealings with the Chinese state government-run company while you were vice president. Was that wrong?

RUSH: (Snort!) "Was that wrong?" If it were Republican, the assumption of it being wrong and illegal would have been in the question and it would have been a demand to defend it. But at least they're asking him, because an 83-year-old voter did the job journalists used do. Here is Plugs' answer to that penetrating and piercing question.

BIDEN: No! There's nothing... There's nothing asserted he did that was illegal. Nothing.

BALART: I'm not saying illegal!

BIDEN: No? Well, okay.

BALART: Is it wrong?

BIDEN: Well, look, here's what I'm not gonna do. I'm not gonna -- and I know you're not intending to do this -- play the game to take the eye off the culprit. The culprit here is what may have looked bad, but wasn't anything wrong, is totally different from whether a president has held up $400 million in aid that -- for Ukrainian military --

RUSH: Oh, man. I don't --

BIDEN: -- when Ukrainians are dying and shot dead by Russians in uniforms without marks on them in the Donbass, that is criminal.

RUSH: Mr. Vice President, you're just pathetic. All of you really are just pathetic. That's the best you've got? (impression) "I'm not talking about my son. I didn't even know what my son was doing! My son and I have never talked about any of this. So screw you, Balart! But I'll tell you what's important: Donald Trump withholding $400 million in aid from Ukraine while -- while -- while Ukrainians are being shot, while brave Ukrainians are being shot by evil Russians."

Except none of that happened. How many times do we have to say it? Vice President Biden's on videotape bragging about withholding money from Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor who was looking into his son. Biden gave him six hours. (impression) "If you don't believe me, call Obama. This is real. You want your money, get rid of that prosecutor," and Biden's telling this story bragging about it, and they fired the prosecutor, and he gets a round of applause. Meanwhile, Trump did not withhold the aid. Thirty minutes, a couple of days, Ukraine got the aid. They got zilch, zero, nada, during Obama -- and they lost Crimea at the same time.