'Straight Pride' Rally Organizer Accidentally Calls His Own Group 'Racist'

A 'straight pride' organizer in California accidentally called his organization a 'peaceful racist group'

One of the main faces of the National Straight Pride Coalition, Don Grundmann, accidentally referred to his organization as a "totally peaceful racist group" while he was pleading his case to hold the rally at a California city park.

Video of the event taken by news outlets attending, showed one of the 'straight pride' rally organizers, Grundmann, addressing the Modesto City Council about a "straight pride" event put on by his organization at an amphitheater in a residential park in Modesto. At one point, Grundmann can be heard accusing City Council member Kristi Ah You, who has been particularly vocal against the city hosting the event, for pulling "the race card."

"You attacked us as racists," Grundmann said, pointing at Ah You. "You pulled the race card to justify attacks against us in that park. When they come, you're going to turn right around and say we deserved it. 

"We haven't done anything. We're a totally peaceful racist group." 

Grundmann tried to take his comment back and said he misspoke, he was drowned out by the audience's laughter. Councilmember Ah You, who can be seen laughing at Grundmann and pushing away from her microphone.

Grundmann, who founded the National Straight Pride Coalition about four months ago, has been lobbying to hold a straight pride rally on Aug. 24 at Graceada Park's Mancini Bowl. According to the organization's website, the group's purpose is to defend children and prevent them from "being destroyed by the inherent malevolence of the Homosexual Movement..."

Other audience members stood up to speak in favor of the rally, calling it a peaceful celebration of what they hold dear.

Grundmann told USA Today that he had mistakenly called his own group "racist" and that the Modesto City Council was working "overtime" to prevent his organization from holding the event

"We're being viciously smeared and lied about that we're racists," he said.