BRIDGE Network Hopes to Create Real Change in Capital Region Workforce

The Social Justice movements of 2020 created a lot of opportunity for reflection in all aspects of our lives. Discrimination in the workplace is part of the larger picture that some local business professionals hope to address with the formation of the BRIDGE Network. The group announced its effort with a mission statement: "The BRIDGE Network, Businesses Building Real Inclusion and Diversity for Genuine Equity, is founded on the principle that promoting inclusion, diversity and equity is essential to recognize and further the potential of every individual — regardless of race, gender, age, economic or educational background, sexual orientation, or diverse ability — and to empower businesses and the region to catalyze and accelerate meaningful change. "In this episode of Upstate Issues, one of the Bridge Network's founders, Miriam Dushane of Alaant Workforce Solutions, talks about the diversity of the people involved in the Bridge Network, the ways they hope to make meaningful change, and how existing resources can be brought together to increase workforce diversity.

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