SEASON FINALE: The Lead Investigator Speaks About Suzanne Lyall's Case

It's been six months since Suzanne Lyall became a constant in my life. Six months of wondering what happened to her the night she was last seen, March 2, 1998. But six months is nothing compared to the 21 years her family and friends have been asking that same question.

When I walked in to the November 2018 press conference at The College of Saint Rose announcing their new program, The Cold Case Analysis Center, I had no idea what was to come. But here we are six months later, wrapping up the first season of Upstate Unsolved dedicated to the life and disappearance of Suzy.

This episode consists of two parts: Suzy's private life on the computer and her friend group's alleged hacking along with an in-depth interview with the lead investigator of Suzy's case, Retired Senior Investigator Jim Horton. In this exclusive interview, he shares never before told aspects of Suzy's case largely involving her boyfriend Rich Condon and his family.

As we've stated numerous times, the goal of Upstate Unsolved isn't to say conclusively who is responsible for Suzy's disappearance. That is law enforcement's job. Our goal will always be to paint the clearest picture we can of Suzanne Lyall and try to understand what could have happened to her. That is why we've made speaking to those who knew her our number one priority. Unfortunately, Rich and his parents have been unwilling to speak with us. Speaking to Senior Investigator Horton, the liaison to the Condon family, is the next best thing.

It has been an honor to bring Suzy's story to life and to be able to get to know her through her loved ones. She was kind, intelligent, funny, beautiful, creative and loving. The world is a lesser place without her in it.

But we, the students, director and adviser of The Cold Case Analysis Center and the team here at WGY and iHeartRadio will never give up hope on finding out what happened to Suzanne Lyall. -Phoebe LaFave

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