PHOTO: Schenectady Mayor McCarthy NOT Toasting Druthers' New Location

Cool news today. Druthers Brewing Company is coming to Schenectady. More info about that is below, but I had to laugh at the two pictures provided to the media.

Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy, who was cleared of allegations he was boozed-up (lack of evidence) while chasing a woman in her vehicle last May after she might have been rifling through some recyclables, held a news conference to welcome Druthers to town.

But, curiously, there was no picture of him with a drink in his hand celebrating with all the others.

Thanks to the cops on the scene that night last May, "Paul Blart Trash Cop"....ur, Mayor McCarthy, was never tested for booze even though AT LEAST one of them smelled alcohol on him. So we'll never know for sure. Actually, the only thing we know for sure is that "The Sheriff of Schenectady"....ur, McCarthy, continues to refuse to give any sort of explanation and/or apology to the people who pay his salary, the citizens of Schenectady. 

WGY's Read Shepherd asked him again today for some sort of a comment. No go.

Arrogant. Cowardly. Disrespectful. -Chuck

UPDATE 4:05 pm: I just saw some unofficial video showing the Mayor with a beer in hand. Suddenly, all's right with the world once again. - Chuck

Photos: Gramercy Communications

Druthers to Open Brew Pub at Mohawk Harbor - Thumbnail Image

Druthers to Open Brew Pub at Mohawk Harbor

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