Albany County D.A. Dies at Age 95

The memories are vivid for those who knew him.

Longtime Albany County D.A. Sol Greenberg is dead at the age of 95.

Current Albany County D.A. David Soares was one Greenberg's last hires while Greenberg was in office.

Soares says Greenberg was a father figure for young attorneys just starting.

"Sol would take you in and he would provide a lot of comforting words, he'd share with you some anecdote tales, and he would send you right back off, and you'd walk out of his office with much more confidence than when you walked in."

Greenberg told the Times Union in 2011 that the highlight of his career was the introduction of DNA into the criminal justice system, beginning with a 1987 murder trial.

Greenberg is survived by his widow, Beatrice, a son and daughter, a sister, and 3 grandchildren.

Photo: Getty Images

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