AARP, Attorney General's Office Launch Anti-ID Theft Event

There are some long lines today in the parking lot of Albany's Jewish Community Center, as people are bringing old financial records and other sensitive documents to be shredded. 

It's part of A-A-R-P's effort to help fight identity theft, which Associate State Director Laura Ehrich said is not only the fastest-growing crime out there, but a big threat to someone's financial security.

"It's a faceless, yet vicious crime," Ehrich said.  "It robs people of their money and their good name, and derails their ability to retire as they'd planned."

The document-shredding event is one of 14 being held across the state this week and next.  A-A-R-P will host more than 150 such events across the country between now and mid-May.

photo:  WGY News

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