Upcoming 5K Race Will Support the Fight Against ALS

Running for a good cause.

That is the mission of the 9th Annual Cherry Blossom 5K Race for ALS and 2K Walk for Hope.

The event takes place Sunday morning at the Congregation Gates of Heaven in Niskayuna.

The proceeds will go toward supporting the ALS Regional Center at St. Peter's Hospital.

Race Coordinator Tim Fecura says that it has been bittersweet to meet people affected by the disease over the years.

"Sadly, we've only gotten to know them for a short time because ALS; there is no cure for ALS, and generally, the people that are diagnosed, we may see them for a race or two, but soon after, sadly, ALS takes their lives."

Since 2009, the Cherry Blossom Race has donated over $65,000 to the Center.

You can visit www.5kraceforals.com for more information on the event.

Photo: Getty Images

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