Proposed Mobile Fire Simulator for Albany Firefighters

The Senate's top Democrat comes to Albany.

Chuck Schumer is urging Homeland Security to approve a grant that would help train the city's firefighters.

He told News Channel 13 about the benefits of this grant.

"The Albany Fire Department has worked with BullEx to design a state-of-the-art mobile fire simulator; it won't be a house, it'll be a big truck, so it can go from place to place, it's a great, great, great idea."

The simulator would be designed by BullEx, an Albany company created by three RPI students in the early 2000’s.

The city has applied for money to purchase the trailer, which officials say would allow firefighters to get hands-on training.

Albany currently does not have its own training facility, and instead rents out towers in Bethlehem or Colonie.

Photo: Getty Images

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