Chuck's Blog: Trump Jr. Emails: Treason or a "Nothing Burger"?

President Trump's enemies are frothing at the mouth over the latest emails indicating Trump Jr. took a meeting last summer with a Russian who might have had some dirt on Hillary Clinton.  It turns out the woman who apparently was not with the Russian government, had no dirt and there was no collusion.   On the other hand, Trump Jr, who wasn't with the campaign, seemed to originally lie, or at least mislead, about why he took the meeting in the first place.  Frankly I consider it "death by a thousand cuts',  something that won't amount to much in the end but empowers "the resistance" to continue stifle anything and everything President Trump is trying to accomplish.   

The latest Russia leak certainly is a "political" problem for President Trump but is it a "legal" one?  Kelly and I talked to WGY National Correspondent Joe Gomez this morning.  -  Chuck 

Photo: Getty Images

Joe Gomez

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