Chuck's Blog: Uh Oh. Cuomo's Yelling Again.

Democratic National Convention: Day Four

Governor Andrew Cuomo is yelling again and that never leads to anything good. He and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman were shamelessly pandering to an anti-Trump crowd at a "rally" in Manhattan yesterday pledging to sue over a still non-existent Obamacare repeal and replace bill.  There's no doubt the "tough guys" threatened the federal government because they know that type of "red meat" plays well to their base and results in more campaign donations for them.

Kelly and I talked about that this morning (cover your ears, we play Cuomo audio) and also about the huge campaign warchest Cuomo has gathered:  $27 million worth.  Also, why Cuomo insists on using our tax dollars to subsidize Hollywood and NBC.  Could it have anything to do with some of those big money donors? - Chuck 

Photo: Getty Images

Uh Oh. Cuomo

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