Cab Driver Strikes Pedestrian While Passing Car

Investigators are still working an accident reconstruction in Schenectady after a 29-year-old woman was hit by a cab on State Street, near Brandywine Avenue.

Schenectady Police Department Spokesman Matt Dearing tells News Channel 13 that it appears the woman was walking outside of the pedestrian crosswalk.

"Every case is different, so it's tough to say, but there does lie some responsibility on the pedestrian to cross inside of the designated area."

The cab driver, Wilson Juene, says he was passing another car, and never saw the woman until he hit her.

"As I was passing him, all of a sudden, boom, she was there, and she was a big girl, and she just went flying in the air, and I just slammed on the brakes, trying not to run her over..."

Juene was visibly shaken from the incident.

"Hoping she'll be alright, praying that she'll be alright; I'm only out here trying to make a living, I'm not trying to be out here, killing people."

The woman struck was taken to Albany Medical Center and is listed in stable condition.

No tickets have been issued.

Photo: Getty Images

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