TSA Unveils New Airport Security Procedures @ Albany Intl.

With the holiday traveling season on the horizon, some tighter security procedures are going into effect this month in four upstate airports, including Albany.  

While most things will remain the same, there is one big change travelers will have to face.  All personal electronic devices larger than a cell phone will have to be taken out of carry-on bags and placed in a bin for X-ray screening.  

"That's to give these dedicated X-ray officers the opportunity to view the things they need to view in a much more sequential, uncluttered manner," said Bart Johnson, the TSA's Upstate Federal Security Director.

TSA officers at Albany International Airport are currently learning the new procedures, and everything is expected to be fully in place by the time the holiday traveling season swings into full gear next month.

"If travelers come to the airport prepared," Johnson said, "if they listen to the instructions, I don't think the wait in the security line will be any longer at all."

Johnson is, however, still advising travelers to get to the airport 90 minutes before their flight.

photo:  WGY news

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