Ballston Spa Fire Claims Almost 100 Animals

A local farm is recovering and rebuilding, after a fire destroys a barn.

Mack Brin Farms in Ballston Spa lost about 100 rabbits and the head of their San Clemente Island goat herd, in the Friday morning fire.

The goat is an endangered species, believed to be one of just 750 in the country.

More than 150 goats, chickens, rabbits, and sheep survived.

Andrea Smith is an apprentice on the farm.

She tells News Channel 13 they are already hard at work to make sure the farm remains in business.

"But in order to be able to continue to provide food to the restaurants that Mack Brin provides food for in Saratoga, as well as the Farmer's Markets, we need to be able to continue on business as usual, here on site."

More than 100 volunteers, like Chuck Curtis, helped owners, Julie Murray and her husband, clean up the farm and get back on their feet.

"All the volunteers are helping put up temporary fencing, temporary housing, we've got several donations from local farms, farmers, agricultural businesses..."

A Go-Fund-Me page has been started to help Julie and her husband rebuild the barn before winter.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Photo: Getty Images

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