The Filing Has Begun!

Some people have already started to file their 2017 tax returns, and the state is putting out a reminder of ways to make the process easier.

Spokesman James Gazzale tells WGY in addition to assistance, the tax department's website has plenty of useful tools.

"Eligible taxpayers don't need to visit a site, they can access and use that same user-friendly software anytime from their computer or smartphone, right through our website,"

Gazzale says filing online and using direct deposit is now the best way to get a refund.

"We're encourgaging all New York State taxpayers to E-file, and to have any refund due directly deposited into their bank accounts; it's the fastest and safest way to receive a tax refund."

Using that method will also get you a state refund up to two weeks sooner than usual.

Gazzale also notes the most common things that slow down the processing of a tax return are the little details.

"When there are errors, such as a name misspelling, or numbers are transposed incorrectly, as well as claiming valuable credits and deductions, and not being able to substantiate those claims."

Gazzale adds that any refund that meets the annual criteria also needs to be accurate.

Taxpayers with adjusted gross household incomes of $66,000 or less in 2017, may file both their state and federal tax returns for free on the Tax Department website.

Photo: Getty Images

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