Chaos at Build-a-Bear's "Pay Your Age" Day

Build-A-Bear has some angry customers to deal with after a "Pay your Age" promotion sale ends with long lines and frustrated moms.

People across the country, including Crossgates Mall, were hoping to take part in the "Pay Your Age" event where children could build a stuffed animal for the cost of their age.  However, demand was so great the company announced it was going to shut down lines nationwide due to security concerns. 

"There was no way for us to have estimated these kinds of crowds," said Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John on NBC's "Today" show.  "It far surpassed anything we ever could have known."

Some people were said to have been in line for as long as 5 hours.

The company is apologizing to those who couldn't get a bear, and is offering $15 vouchers for kids to get a bear another day.

photo:  Getty Images

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