N.Y. Governor Will Continue to Stand Up Against N.R.A.

The Governor is not backing down from the National Rifle Association's claims that the state was a threat to their, "corporate existence and advocacy mission."

The State of New York filed a motion to have the complaint in U.S. District Court dismissed.

Governor Cuomo says he is tired of hearing politicians say that they will remember the N.R.A. in their thoughts and prayers, and adds that if the N.R.A. goes away, he too will remember it in his thoughts and prayers.

On Saturday, Cuomo urged states across the nation to also outlaw the N.R.A.-branded, "Carry Guard" insurance.

Last year, a state investigation determined the policy unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for certain acts of intentional wrongdoing, and was also determined to be illegal in New York.

The N.R.A. is suing the state, claiming they are losing revenues, and may need to stop publishing its magazine and end its television network.

Cuomo says the association is not supposed to be selling an illegal product in the first place, and that they shouldn't complain when they get caught with an illegal product.

He adds that if it was a different situation, people would be in jail for selling illegal products.

The insurance company and broker/administrator both agreed to pay a combined $8.3 million in fines, and no longer offer the policy in the state.

Photo: Getty Images

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