Upstate Issues: Alternative and Controversial Approach to Addiction

"For over 30 years we have been saying that addiction is not a disease." -Mark Scheeren, Co-founder of the Freedom Model.

As the Upstate New York region joins the nation in dealing with the opioid crisis, the Freedom Model offers an alternative approach to ending addiction.  But the approach is not without controversy.  In this podcast with Diane Donato,  Mark Scheeren (Chairman, Co-Founder) and Michelle Dunbar (Executive Director) say that addiction is not a disease.  They talk about their personal experiences with 12 Step Programs and AA and about research which they say refutes the standard belief that addiction is a disease.  Scheeren and Dunbar also offer a free book which they say can help people use the Freedom Model to take control of their lives. 

To access the free book click here:  Use code: FMWGY

Photo by Getty Images

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