No, Governor Cuomo did NOT Receive a Suspicious Package

NBC reports the package sent to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office is unrelated to other devices mailed out. Police sources say the package did not contain an explosive device.  

During an NYPD press conference Wednesday afternoon, the Governor said he had just learned that his Manhattan office received a "device."

His office later released a statement saying, "A preliminary investigation on the package at Governor Cuomo's office shows it is computer files on the hate group, The Proud Boys, who recently appeared in New York."

Several packages containing suspected explosive devices were sent to high-profile political targets Wednesday, including CNN headquarters in New York, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Florida Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  A similar package was mailed to billionaire liberal activist George Soros. None of the devices detonated.

President Trump says federal investigators will find out who mailed suspected explosive devices to several high profile political targets.  At a White House today, Trump called the actions despicable and said a major federal investigation is underway.  He noted that there is no place for any kind of political violence in the U.S.  Trump said Americans must come together and unify.  First Lady Melania Trump called the acts cowardly.  She also made a plea for kindness over hatred.

Photo: Getty Images

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