Albany Trolley Returns to C.D.T.A. Permanently

There is a new way to get around downtown Albany, and it is free!

C.D.T.A. is back on the streets with its Capital City Trolley, something it offered on a trial basis last year.

Communications Director Jaime Watson says it gets cold in the winter here in Albany, and this trolley is a great, convenient thing to have in the city; to be able to jump on a trolley to get to that restaurant, get to a bar, get to shopping, and so on.

The trolley will run three nights a week: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from 5 PM to 12:30 AM.

The trolley will also travel in a loop from Lark Street, to the area around the Capitol.

Rider Brenda Baddam says the route shows the beauty of Albany, places that people do not usually take into consideration when they have lived here for so long.

C.D.T.A. officials say after last year's success, it was an easy call to offer the trolley on a more permanent basis.

Officials also hope that people see it as a unique way to get around downtown.

Photo: Getty Images

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