Some Animals Seized in Troy Hoarding Case Ready for Adoption

cat with eye infection

Some of the dogs seized from an animal hoarding situation in Troy earlier this month are ready to be adopted, but not the cats. 

About 100 dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and other animals were all found crowded into a home on Campbell Ave. earlier this month.  The stench was so bad that crews had to wear haz-mat suits going in.  Since then, they've been housed at the Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society shelter in Menands.

"The counseling for both the dogs and the cats is going to be a little bit more extensive," said Operations Manager Marguerite Pearson.  That's because of the conditions the animals have endured up to now, either in a hoarding situation or in a kennel.

While some dogs are ready for adoption, that's not the case for cats.  "Some of these guys are going to require more extensive veterinary care that we can't do here on site," Pearson said.  Birds remain in quarantine.

Pearson said the Society is especially in need of cash donations at this time.

photo:  WNYT-TV

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