First Nor'easter of 2019 is Coming

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan is joining other city officials in urging patience and common sense in dealing with the upcoming Nor'easter.

Among the many statements she has made, regarding the snowstorm, Sheehan says the city cannot declare a snow emergency until after the storm has passed.

However, she says it is, "very, very likely" that the city will have to make the emergency declaration, and tow cars off the streets to remove the snow.

She also says if you venture out, and get stuck, it may be some time before someone can get around to help you, so the best thing is to just stay home.

Sheehan also strongly suggests that people who normally park on the street find another alternative, perhaps a neighbor's unused driveway.

Current forecasts predict a possible total snow accumulation in excess of 12-18 inches throughout the Capital Region.

Photo: Getty Images

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