CDTA Will Begin Testing Battery-Powered Electric Buses

CDTA is getting ready to test some battery-powered electric buses.

CEO Carm Basile says four of the new vehicles should be here by mid-June, and adds that drivers will have them out on several CDTA routes.

Basile tells WGY that advantages to this change include quieter operation, less pollution, and not having to use expensive diesel fuel, but there are still questions about the change itself.

"The manufacturers tell us that 175 miles or so is the range between charges, however, they're quick to point out that this can come down during winter weather and other operating conditions; we need to know more than, 'it will come down.'"

Basile says the bottom line is there is, "less to go wrong" with the new vehicles, which he believes could lead to lower long-term operating costs.

Photo: Getty Images

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