Suzanne Lyall: Possible Prey for Serial Rapist John Regan

John Regan

March 2, 2019 marked the 21st anniversary of the disappearance of Suzanne Lyall. The Cold Case Analysis Center and I have focused our investigation on more people than just her family and friends. We have widened the proverbial net to three strangers revolving around her case. "The Nike Man", seen at the convenience store Suzy's ATM card was used the day after she was last seen. We discussed the life and crimes of serial killer Israel Keyes and the various connections he has to Suzy's case.

The last stranger we've narrowed in on is John Regan.

This middle aged man from a prominent family in Waterbury, Connecticut shocked his community, when in 2004 he was arrested on an unlawful restraint charge for attempting to sexually assault his 21-year-old co-worker. Then, DNA taken at the time of his arrest linked him to the 1993 rape of his friend's wife, Donna Palomba.

In this episode Dr. Lane, a criminologist and the Director of the Cold Case Analysis Center, and I had the honor of speaking with her.

While out on bail for his crimes in Connecticut, on Halloween 2005 John Regan drove to Saratoga Springs where he attempted to abduct a young woman from her high school parking lot.

Saratoga Springs is a short drive to Suzy's hometown of Ballston Spa.

We discuss Regan's background, the various crimes he has committed, the murder kit found in his van when he was arrested in 2005, and ponder the possibility of Suzanne Lyall being one of his victims.

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