Governor Cuomo Thinks Baseball Could Be Back By Early Summer

Close-Up Of Baseball

Governor Cuomo says it's possible baseball could be back without fans at both Citifield and Yankee stadium by the early Summer. Cuomo is telling Major League Baseball to be creative and try to figure it out. He says he has spoken with the owners of some teams, though he did not specify which ones.

The governor says Major League Baseball would have to rely on broadcast revenues in New York and not ticket sales for the near future. He says he would love to watch baseball, even if it's just on TV. The governor did not specify a date of when baseball could come back, but believes everyone has to think outside of the box to make it happen.

Additonally, Cuomo says come mid-May construction projects and manufacturing jobs may be able to resume in upstate New York, and then slowly New York City could come back to life too.

Photo: Getty Images

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