Congressman Faso Positive on Trump's Inaugural Address

Newly minted 19th Congressional district Republican Congressman John Faso says he liked Donald Trump's inaugural speech.

Speaking with WGY News, Faso said, "It set a very good tone.  I think he repeated some campaign themes, but his message, I think, was one of unity and one of common purpose as Americans."  

Faso says he likes President Trump's vision that a "unity of purpose" will serve the nation well and help to grow the economy and the country. 

He does have one reservation on the Trump mantra of "buying American" and "hiring Amercian".

"Many of our jobs are connected to International trade" Faso said. GE in Schenectady, for instance, is one. We have massive trade agreements with Canada and many, over 600,000 jobs in New York state are dependent on US-Canada trades."

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